Wilson's racquet line just keeps getting #betterer. Of course the big conversation topic lately has been Roger Federer's blacked out frame that we've seen him using and practicing with, recently revealed to be the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph, the first autograph racquet Wilson has produced since Chris Evert. Our Wilson rep, Joel Conybear, stopped by the Holabird Sports showroom with the updated Pro Staff collection, designed with Federer's feedback and specifications. Joel said this is the "first time I can remember such a public playtest."

The new Pro Staff collection is constructed with braided Graphite and Kevlar, a more rounded beam and the same cosmetics as Federer's autograph version. It's also notable to mention that with this version of the Pro Staff, Federer moves from a 90 in. sq. head to 97 and an 18mm beam width to 20. All of the other specs remain the same.

As of right now, Joel said that if you see a Wilson racquet from afar, you wouldn't necessarily know that it’s from Wilson. But moving forward, Wilson will maintain a cosmetic that accents the 3 & 9 o'clock positions on every frame.

Other exciting news from Wilson includes new racquets from the Power+Comfort category, including a new Three BLX and Five Lite, as well as new Optimus string colors, and bags. And in their bag line, Thermoguard 2.0™ technology takes racquet protection a step further by protecting your gear from extreme humidity.

Check out the new Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph tennis racquet!