Best New Running Shoe Technology of 2013
This past year saw some exciting innovations and advances in running shoe technology. Here are some of the biggest and best innovations of the year:

adidas Boost

The Boost technology was probably the biggest story of 2013 in terms of running shoe tech. adidas claimed it would "change running forever" and, from the number of high-placing marathon runners wearing the Boost, they might be on to something. TPU pellets, literally blown up and then heat bonded together create the Boost midsole. It offers high cushioning and energy return and withstands extreme weather conditions (especially the cold) much better than EVA and EVA compounds. The result is a super comfortable, super responsive, super fun run.
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Under Armour Speedform RC

Known for being ahead of the curve when it comes to sports apparel, Under Armour is now breaking the mold when it comes to running shoes. The Under Armour Speedform RC has a fully anatomical feel (toe ridges in forefoot) and an unprecedented upper that gives the sensation of "clothing your foot." The heel is made from one piece of material and has no stitching. It was created in a bra factory and once you feel how snug and form fitting these shoes are (more like socks than shoes) you'll understand that completely.
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Puma Mobium Elite

In 2013, Puma introduced the Mobium, a shoe that expands and contracts with your foot as it naturally moves. The sole has "Expansion Pods" in all of the right places (the places our feet need flexibility, cushioning and protection) and an elastic figure-eight shaped band that runs around the sole, mimicking your foot's tendons and providing some extra spring.
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Mizuno Wave Rider 17 & Wave Inspire 10

The combination of virtually seamless uppers and the innovative U4ic midsole brought the Wave Rider down to 8.8 ounces (men's size 9) and the Wave Inspire to 9.0 ounces—comparable to many lightweight trainers. The Wave Inspire's Composite Fan Plate is a high-density plastic plate which serves to enhance stability and help control overpronation, a shoe for overpronators that's this light is a feat in itself.
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What do you think was the best new running shoe technology of 2013?