Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners - 2015
It's vital to find the right tennis racquet for beginning players. The right racquet can improve a game, help create good habits and, most of all, encourage self-confidence. Below are two of the best tennis racquets for beginners in 2015:

Volkl V1 Classic 2015

There is a reason that the Volkl V1 Classic has been a favorite for the past 20 years. Twenty years ago it was one of the most arm-friendly racquets, today, it still is, thanks to the dual-dampening system. The result? A 70% reduction of torsional shock and a 45% reduction in vibration.

The Big Grommet System expands the racquets sweet spot (up to 100 cm2) by allowing greater string movement. An increased sweet spot can result in more power.

The Volkl V1 Classic is perfect for beginners or players with a medium-paced swing. The stable frame is easy to handle and forgiving and overall, the V1 has the comfort, power and control a beginner needs.

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HEAD Graphene XT Instinct S

Thanks to the use of graphene, the new XT Instinct S is lighter than before (only 10 ounces), making it faster, more maneuverable and more comfortable to swing. And thanks to the improvements seen in Graphene XT, this new HEAD Graphene XT racquet is 20% lighter than a conventional tennis racquet, yet still has powerful swing weight. Therefore, you get you a lighter, faster racquet that has the same weight behind the ball when you hit it. In addition, the weight distribution of this HEAD racquet makes it easier for players to develop the perfect pace for their game. The 16x19 string pattern makes spin easier and the ball moves off the stringbed in a very predictable way.

The Instinct S is one of the most user-friendly racquets we've seen. The lighter S version provides a great mixture of enhanced maneuverability combined with lots of power and ultimate comfort. Not every racquet can help improve your game, but the Instinct S makes it easy for juniors and adults to generate enough stroke speed for better pace, power and spin.

This racquet is perfect for beginners and intermediate players who want a fast feel and surgical response. The HEAD Graphene XT Instinct S is endorsed by Tomas Berdych and Maria Sharapova.

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