Can You Guess Poland's Fastest Growing Sport?
“Squash is the fastest growing sport in Poland,” says Maciek Maciantowicz, Vice President of the Polish Squash Federation.

In 1976, Poland’s first squash court was built by construction workers who wanted to play squash while working; within the last ten years, squash has seen a growth rate of approximately 25% per year.
However, it was in 2011 that Poland really established itself as a squash powerhouse: They held the European Individual Championships in Warsaw. Then, in 2012, they built a court in the center of Krakow for the Sebo Squash & Art Festival, again moving up in the international squash community. Last year there were 463 squash events in Poland.

Tomasz Banasiak, President of the Polish Squash Federation, believes that availability of local event opportunities and the professionalism of tournaments for all levels have contributed to squash's growth. Independent investors continue to build squash clubs throughout the country.

Polish players have broken into the women’s top 100 and the men’s top 200.

The WSF World Junior Squash Championships will be held in Poland in July.