Epic Food Bars: Paleo Diets and a Greener World
The creators of EPIC Bar want a meaner, leaner, and greener world. EPIC Bar is a meat-based nutrition option that is not only better for your body but is also better for the environment. The bars come in four unique flavors:

  • Beef (with Habanero and Cherry)

  • Bison (with Bacon and Cranberry)

  • Lamb (with Currant and Mint)

  • Turkey (with Almond and Cranberry)

So how does this bar contribute to your health and a greener world?

The bar is made of 100% grass-fed meat. For those looking to maintain a lean, and healthy diet—particularly individuals who prefer a paleo diet—grass-fed meat leads to more nutrients, more vitamins, and more protein. Likewise, it lowers the risk for such health issues as heart conditions and Alzheimer’s Disease and. It’s exactly what a lean dieter or paleo enthusiast needs.

And in case you were curious—yes—EPIC Bars are all gluten-free.

In each of the bars, you can expect a healthy serving of:

  • Protein

  • Omega-3s

  • Antioxidants

  • Vitamin A and Vitamin E

  • CLA (Conjugated linoleum acid), which helps with lean muscle tissue development

Using grass-fed meat results in a greener environment and greener farmland. According to the EPIC and The Savory Institute, "Grass-fed meat requires only one calorie of fossil fuel to produce two calories of food, whereas meat from feedlot cattle requires grain and vegetable crops that need up to ten calories of fossil-fuel to produce the same."

EPIC prides itself on working only with pasture-based farmers whose practices are sure to enhance the quality of the land. This leads to healthier lives for both farm animals and farm employees compared to those who live and work on factory farms.

But how do EPIC Bars taste? In the video below, five of our employees tried each flavor and weigh in with their opinions. Watch as they try to guess the supplementary flavors!

[youtube id="S-oVmg6YuiE" width="620" height="360"]

Paleo dieters, fitness enthusiasts, and proponents of a greener, grass-fed world…check out the four flavors of EPIC Bar!