Find Out What Your Feet Are Really Like with FitStation's In-Depth Analysis

The newest piece of tech here at Holabird comes from HP with the help of Superfeet, and it's called: the FitStation! 

It is exactly what the name suggests--a station, in our store, that fits you. We mean fit in the sense that it takes your unique feet, gathers data on your left and right, and then creates 3D rendered images and a pressure analysis to let you know precisely the perfect fit for your feet. 

Once you're through this easy three-step process, you can order an individualized Superfeet 3D printed insole, created specifically to match your gait pattern, foot mechanics, and shape/form, or learn about the many shoes that the FitStation suggests you try. 

We had one of our graphic designers, Curtis, try the FitStation on for size. 

Shoes removed and pant legs rolled up, Curtis takes to the FitStation's 3D foot scanner. 

Showroom staff member Darrell helps him through the process (laughter encouraged). 

All you have to do is hold on tight to the bar (HP doesn't expect you to balance), and place the foot that's being scanned on the center of the scanner. 

The other foot rests on the panel on the side as it awaits its turn. 

You can either be barefoot or in white socks. HP specifies white socks, so make sure to wear them or unveil your tootsies for the task!

The scan goes from toes to heel and measures the width, length, arch height and arch length of your foot during this process. 

Curtis holds on to the safety bar and watches his 3D feet images appear on the FitStation screen! 

"Woah, that's my feet!" 

Socks and all. If you're barefoot (like I was) you'll see an even more in-depth look at your feet. I have what's called "gopher toe," so my big toe is always peeping up. My pinky toe also never touches the ground, because it doesn't want to leave the side of my fourth toe. Interesting to learn. 

Curtis' feet appear normal in disguise. 

After the scan is complete, you can see the 3D image of both right and left feet! Here you can see Curtis' socks and his digital version of him standing on that 3D foot scanner. Pretty neat, huh? 

He stands there for a bit to admire his feet and then it's off to the next step! The pressure plate. 

The pressure plate will give us and HP/Superfeet, information about his gait cycle and how he displaces pressure as he walks from point A to point B.

The station needs six good steps from each individual in order to make their analysis. 

And now for the results!

After the foot scan and pressure plate analysis, the FitStation has all the necessary information for creating insoles and making recommendations. 

Here we can see Curtis' pressure plate foot map, which actually moves, as you'll see in the second image below! 

“I did the pressure plate step two different times, once on camera and once while no one was looking, and I was amused to find that my nerves must have caused me to slightly overpronate.”

And he has new information on both of his feet, which are, not surprisingly, a little different from one another. 

"I didn't know I was neutral! That's good to know when I'm shopping for shoes. And also, I'm glad that it seems like I'm using my big toe for my toe-off." 

With his newfound knowledge, Curtis looks through some of the recommendations the FitStation has for his specific fit. With our extensive number of shoes and knowledgeable staff in the showroom, he's in good hands.

Look at those shoes on the wall! So many to be fit into!

While looking through the shoes, the FitStation offers you your "true size," and will tailor specific brands to meet the fits of those shoes.

“All of my running shoes are size 12, so I looked at FitStation's size recommendations for some of the shoes I currently run in and was surprised to see suggestions ranging from 11.5 to 12.5 for different models.”

Thanks to Superfeet, Curtis also has the option to order an individualized insole for the two of his unique feet! 

Using HP's 3D printers, the Superfeet insoles are meticulously crafted to match your unique needs, and for the precise shape and size of your foot. Since Curtis' feet were sized differently, his insoles will also be cut and shaped differently to match. They don't average the sizes or anything, so your insoles are unique to right and left. These insoles, designed to be uniquely for you, are called ME3D! 

When it comes to your feet, we understand that comfort and functionality are of utmost importance, so that's why we added this amazing new tech to the store. Visit us at 9220 Pulaski Highway, Middle River, MD, 21220, and if you're lucky, Darrell will have just as many jokes as he did on this day. 

Looking forward to seeing your bright and inquisitive faces in the Holabird Sports showroom to try out our FitStation! You can never be too informed!