Finding the Right Racquetball Racquet
Racquetball players know that there is nothing more important than the racquet. Think of it as an extension of yourself, the right racquet can make playing more fun and can even help improve your game. If possible, try a demo racquet. This is the safest way to find the right racquet for you. Many stores (including Holabird) offer demo programs, you can take the racquet home, play with it and make sure you like it before you buy.

Head Size
Beginners may want a racquet with a larger head size. The larger the head size, the larger the sweet spot, which can make hitting the ball easier. However, there is often a tradeoff: the larger head sizes may sacrifice control and accuracy in favor of making shots easier.

The heavier the racquet the more power and precision; lighter racquets usually offer faster swing speed and better maneuverability. Therefore, beginners may want to start with something on the heavier end; however, keep in mind that you have to hold the racquet the entire time you play, you don’t want something so heavy it tires your arms too quickly.

You want to be able to hold the racquet comfortably and securely. Many people use the glove test. If your glove size is extra-large, your grip size will be extra small, and so on. You can always build up a grip with grip tape or wraps.

Power usually corresponds to the stiffness of a racquet. The stiffer the racquet, the more power generated. You can also add power by stringing at a lower tension (although this is known to sacrifice control).

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