Fitletic Has a New Name but the Same Great Running Belts
A few months ago, iFitness changed their name to Fitletic to better capture the company's mission. Over the past few years, Fitletic has seen substantial growth. They are hoping their branding change eliminates any further confusion.

In addition to their new name, Fitletic has a brand new website and color scheme. Their look may have changed, but Fitletic is still making amazing, top-of-the-line hydration belts, running belts and accessories. Their accessories use Dura-Comfort technology; they are ergonomic and designed to eliminate distractions, including bouncing.

The very first running belt - the MiniSportBelt - was designed by co-founder Shify Pomerantz. She used her kids' stretchy book cover to create something that wouldn't bounce and that wasn't bulky. She patented her design and went to work growing Fitletic into a brand runners could count on. From 2010 to 2013 they were the official running belt for runDisney™ and were endorsed by Jeff Galloway. If that wasn't enough, Fitletic is philanthropic, including donating money to help in the fight against breast cancer.

Top Fitletic Products

Fitletic Window Phone Add-On Pouch
A separate smart phone pouch that can easily attach to any Fitletic belt! You can use your phone through the window. This may not sound like a big deal, but I hate having to stop and take my phone out of its holder just to use it. The pouch has an internal pocket for an ID, money or a key and earbud ports on both the top and the bottom. Finally, it can be hand washed--a major plus after a few really long runs.

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Fitletic Quench Retractable Hydration Belt
Soft, comfortable and adjustable -- the elastic waistband stretches for a more secure fit. Each side has two zippered pockets for you to insert any 16-24 oz bottle while elastic loops keep the bottles from bouncing. The pouch is made from water resistant neoprene and can fit energy Gus or other nutrition, keys or an iPod; plus, there are two exterior loops to hold gels, a secure inner pocket to hold your ID and money, and toggles for your race number. I love that you can use any bottle -- sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference. I also love the silicone grippers that keep the belt from riding up -- you put it on and it stays where it's supposed to. It comes in black, black and orange, black and green and black and pink.

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Fitletic Ultimate II Running Belt
This is the perfect belt for people who have a lot to carry. The water resistant neoprene pouch has an internal divider to help you keep things organized: There are four gel slots (two vertical and two horizontal for easy access), a side pocket for an inhaler, keys or mp3 player, a secure inner pocket for ID and money and two race number toggles. Like all other Fitletic belts it won't ride up, bounce or chafe. It's hand washable and has reflective tags and accents.

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