The latest issue of the Racquet Sports Industry newsletter includes a fantastic string playtest of the Gamma Moto 16 tennis string.

The Gamma Moto 16 is a heptagonal (that's seven-sided for the non-geometry buffs) geometric co-polyester string.
What does this mean for you? Gamma says that the co-polyester is supposed to be responsive with lots of feedback and excellent tension maintenance. The Gamma Moto comes in both 16 and 17 gauge (this test is of the 16 gauge).

Who is this string for? According to the Racquet Sports Industry, "the aggressive baseline player who seeks massive spin and control."

Wondering if this new string is worth trying? In the Racquet Sports Industry's in-depth review, they mention that, to date, they have playtested 171 strings. They rank the Gamma Moto 16 as the 6th best string "in the category of Spin Potential, with an excellent ranking in the control category." It also ranked 10th best in Resistance to Movement and well-above average in Durability. Overall, it finishes well-above average.

As they conclude, "Given the relatively narrow target player... none of the members of our playtest team had much bad to say about it." This sounds like another thumbs up. Read the Racquet Sports Industry’s entire playtest review:
Gamma Moto 16 String Playtest page 1
Gamma Moto 16 String Playtest page 2

If you do your own Gamma Moto 16 playtest, tell us about it. We'd love to hear what you think.