Garmin vivofit: Truly Personalized Fitness Tracker that Gets Results
CES 2014 was full of exciting new tech, including Garmin's new vivofit, the newest addition to wristband fitness trackers. Yes, there are a lot of fitness trackers out there. Yes, many of them tell you your heart rate, calories burned and steps taken. So what makes the Garmin vivofit so incredibly exciting? First, you get one full year's worth of battery on one charge. Most fitness trackers require you to recharge an average of seven to 10 days. A year without recharging is one less thing to remember and, the extended battery life plus the fact that it's waterproof, means you barely ever need to take it off.

The vivofit is waterproof. It learns your personal fitness habits and uses that unique information to set different daily goals. These goals change every day, encouraging you to continually improve. For example, if you meet today's step goal, tomorrow's goal will have you taking more steps. So what happens if you don't meet your goals? The algorithm will automatically adjust to set a goal that is obtainable for you. Once you reach that goal, it will again adapt and encourage you to do more the next day. This tracker is made for people who truly want results. In addition, the move bar features tells you if you have been inactive for too long and then encourages you to get moving.

There is a corresponding app and the vivofit has wireless syncing but you don't need the app-- everything you need is easily available right from the display. While Garmin's online community, Garmin Connect, lets you compete in online challenges for virtual badges and see more data related to your progress.

The Garmin vivofit comes in both small and large sizes (perfect for women and men) and a variety of excellent colors: black, blue, purple, slate and teal.

If you are looking for a truly personalized fitness tracker that is made to help YOU get results, try the vivofit. You won't be disappointed.

What does the vivofit track?

  • Steps and your Step Goal

  • Calories burned

  • Sleep Monitoring

  • Heart rate

Additional vivofit Features:

  • 1+ year battery

  • Move bar to encourage activity

  • Syncs wirelessly

  • Tells Time

Pre-order the Garmin vivofit and the Garmin vivofit Bundle today!