Get Flavorful Energy from Clean Ingredients with Tailwind Colorado Cola Endurance Fuel

Introducing a tasty new flavor in the Tailwind Caffeinated Endurance Fuel lineup: Colorado Cola! Inspired by the cola athletes often drink at race aid stations, this light, refreshing alternative comes with a boost of caffeine and a cola flavor that is mild enough to be enjoyed from the first sip to the last. Like other Tailwind flavors, this powder dissolves fully in water in order to provide you with the calories, hydration, and electrolytes you need during your most brutal training sessions and competitions. The best part? Tailwind is specifically designed to be easy on your stomach, making sure nothing gets between you and the finish line.

Why Tailwind?

Frequent flyers are familiar with tailwinds—those delightful air currents that help to propel the plane along its path, getting you to your destination a little faster. It’s this very concept of having the wind at your back that inspired Tailwind nutrition, which helps athletes push themselves forward without the stomach upset that often accompanies traditional sports fuels.

Created by endurance athletes, for endurance athletes, Tailwind has been rigorously and thoroughly tested, tweaked, and tested again before being released. That dedication and insistence on getting the formula just right are why so many people turn to Tailwind to get them through their toughest, longest, most grueling events.

Tailwind products are made from all-natural, organic ingredients and contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, so you can feel good about putting it in your body.

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