Merrell understands that a single company cannot save the planet on its own, but for a company with the goal of getting more people outside, Merrell recognizes how critical it is to minimize its environmental impact.

Being committed to sustainability means more than just putting a few recycling bins around the office and factory and calling it a day. Merrell is perpetually on the lookout for ways to breathe new life into pre- and post-consumer recycled materials within the supply chain.



  • incorporates post-industrial scrap rubber into the soles of some shoes
  • reuses EVA scrap from the manufacturing process
  • participates in programs that strive to reduce the environmental impact of leather manufacturing
  • uses sustainably produced natural materials when possible
  • sources wool and down from responsibly raised animals
  • incorporates natural microbes as an anti-odor treatment for insoles

As a proud member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Merrell uses the Higg Index to make manufacturing improvements with regard to sustainability. The Higg Index is a useful tool for determining which areas to focus on when making processes more sustainable.

The Merrell Gridway collection is a shining example of what a sustainable product can be. Shoes in the Gridway Collection feature a 100% recycled yarn-knit upper, a 40% recycled EVA midsole, and an exclusive-to-Merrell Vibram® EcoDura™ outsole that utilizes post-industrial scrap materials. Plus, Gridway shoes are durable, reducing consumption and landfill waste.