Hoka One One Clayton: Great Spring Shoes
Hoka One One has branched out with some very different products this year, one of which I've had the chance to take out for a spin. The Hoka One One Clayton is by far my favorite adaptation from these guys. I fell in love with the vibrant colors that made me excited for a little springtime running. The incredible lightweight design was another prominent feature that was surprising and highly enjoyable. I tend to gravitate towards lighter running shoes as a personal preference and these were just excellent.

Although these are incredibly light, weighing in at only a little over 6 ounces, the same maximal cushioning is another attribute of this model. I was surprised to feel a significant shock absorption and pleasant responsiveness even at such a low weight. The toe box provided a comfortable amount of space, which can sometimes be a sticking point for many running shoes I try. For sizing, I would recommend you try these about a half size smaller than what you may wear in other brands as they are quite generous. Having a secure fit is optimal for these to really facilitate stability and the streamlined nature of these shoes.

I really felt as though I could take on some serious mileage in these while still maintaining a fresh feeling in my legs, never feeling weighed down or slow. Shorter intervals of about 200 to 400 meters were a lot of fun with a very quick and smooth transition from forefoot to toe off ( I do not heel strike). Overall, I would give this model an A for composition, aesthetic, comfort, and performance for both short and long distances. This would be a great shoe to take out to the track or for a stellar race day performance.

Try out the Hoka One One Clayton and see what you think!

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