When I step into the gym I intend to work and work hard. I come in with the hope that everything goes according to plan, but that doesn’t always happen. For me to stay confident, and be the best that I can, I need to know that my equipment is up to par. I often get the opportunity to try various fitness shoes and supplements, and comparing different products has shown me what I need as an athlete. I want a shoe that works as hard as I do and lately that shoe is an inov-8.

The inov-8 F-lite 250 provides a light and low-profile feel to keep athletes moving quickly through the WOD. Box jumps, burpees, and rope climbs are a breeze because of the high-performance elements that make up this fitness shoe. A Rope-Tec™ on the outsole gives athletes the highest level of traction needed for ascending and descending a rope with speed, security, and efficiency. A Dynamic Fascia Band™ gives athletes a responsive ride during sprints, weightlifting, and other fast functional movements.

I loved the structure and fit of this model as an update to previous inov-8s. I felt stable during high reps of squats and cleans without feeling weighed down in any way. I was able to move seamlessly from my lift to a 400-meter run and back again. Double-unders are fun and feel effortless with such a formfitting and yet non-constricting fit.  I also love the color combinations on the F-Lite 250 shoe because they really flow and supplement one another. Overall, the inov-8 F-Lite 250 has become the shoe I grab from the closet before most WODs because of its superior fit and performance. This shoe is one that I can rely on to get me through my workout, no matter what’s in store.