Hoka One One running shoes are big, and that's no overstatement.

They're big in looks, big in innovation, big in technology and big in size.

Tech Rep Frank Nick called them "the original oversized shoe."And that oversized midsole makes for an incredibly cushioned ride. Once you put the shoes on, you'll notice that they don't feel like you're standing on top of the world. That's because the Deep Foot Frame actually wraps your feet so that you sink into the midsole for increased stability. This also helps lessen fatigue for sore muscles.

According to Frank, Hoka engineers started with a huge block of EVA foam and began to cut, reshape and change its thickness. What they got was a shoe that has up to twice the amount of cushion as traditional running shoes. In addition, minimal drops between 4-6mm position your feet in a more natural position. These elements combine to deliver a "quick, smooth feel underfoot," said Frank. And, according to Frank, with so much more midsole to breakdown, on average a runner will get "25-30% more miles out of the shoes."

Other benefits from the large midsole volume include increased responsiveness, much more support and excellent rebound. Plus, for some runners that experience mild pronation, that Deep Foot Frame will even provide a touch of guidance to your run.

And by the way, Hoka One One (pronounced Oh-nay) is taken from a Hawaiian chant meaning "Run Run, Fly Fly."All of the Hoka One One shoe names are taken from various islands, beaches and famous running events.

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