Hoka One One: Leading the New Maximalist Movement
The Hoka One One (pronounced oh-nay oh-nay) will surprise you. They look like giant shoes but they are amazingly lightweight.  They have a wide body, complete with oversized midsole cushioning and a rocker body. The width allows for a stable platform. The rocker profile and lightness of the shoes allows for an interesting sensation... it's soft and bouncy... almost like running on air. In fact, Hoka is leading the way in the new maximilist movement of well-cushioned shoes.

So why, exactly, are Hoka's larger than the norm? According to HokaOneOne.com, the oversized volume offers "excellent shock absorption and an inherently stable ride which is designed to reduce the fatigue in your feet, legs and core." Their meta-rocker midsole and fulcrum effect encourage a guided foot gait cycle and support the natural way we run. The Active Foot Frame lets your foot sink deeply into the midsole for more integrated stability. Their proprietary midsole material, Lite Ride, is an EVA formulation 30% lighter than regular EVA. Hoka shoes also have midsole grooves to drain water and a race lace system for quick changes and adjustments.

We aren't the only ones excited about the newest Hoka shoes. Competitor magazine awarded the Hoka One One Conquest their Spring 2014 "Best Innovation" award. Magazines are one thing but the number of amazing, record breaking Ultra Runners running in Hoka One One's is simply astounding. You know a shoe has to be good if Karl Meltzer, Dave Mackey, Darcy Africa, Sage Canaday, Jen Benna, Russell Gill and 12 more Ultra Runners all wear them. Hoka also has some impressive triathletes and track runners on their roster. In fact, they recently signed 800-meter runner Michael Rutt and Nicole Shappert, a 1500 meter runner, to sponsorship contracts, proving that their maximum design works well no matter what distance or type of running you're doing.

Even if you are a die-hard minimal shoe fanatic, it's worth checking out all of the exciting new Hoka One One running shoes.