Holiday Gift Ideas: adidas Tennis Tee, Frosted Water Bottle, FlipBelt & Polar Loop Activity Monitor

adidas Ultimate Tennis Tee Fall 2013 Men

I always love a good tennis tee and I'm especially partial to the bright, eye-catching colors of this one from adidas. The adidas Ultimate Tennis Tee features a polyester and cotton fabric blend, so it's got a soft feel that's comfortable for casual wear but still wicks moisture when you're on the court. And, since the holiday season is approaching, this makes a good gift for any tennis-inclined folks on your nice list this year.

Nathan 700ml Tritan Frosted Water Bottle

Nathan's 700ml Tritan Frosted Water Bottle is my must-have gym companion. The finger loop makes it easy to carry and the flip straw is great for getting a quick drink when I am working out. I especially like the flip straw when I'm on the treadmill so I can get some hydration without changing my form. Not having to throw my head back for a drink allows me to keep proper form and breathing to avoid cramps and side stitches. Filling the bottle with ice is easy thanks to the wide mouth that also makes it easy to clean. Don’t feel like washing by hand? This stain and odor resistant bottle is dishwasher safe (top rack). The BPA Free Tritan construction is shatter resistant and is available in a variety of colors. I have had mine for well over a year now and have no problems or leaks.

The FlipBelt

The most streamlined option for carrying your essentials during a run has to be the FlipBelt. It lays flat against your body, even after you've packed it with your phone, money, keys, nutrition, or other items. All you have to do is slip the FlipBelt around your waist and slip your stuff into the pocket openings, turn the whole thing over, and be on your way. It stays fresh for continuous wear with antibacterial and odor-resistant technology. Just in case you're worried about having a sweat-trapping device wrapped around your waist, moisture-wicking, quick-dry fabric takes care of that too. I like that its stays in place during movement and there’s no buckle or straps to rub the wrong way.

Polar Loop Activity Monitor

Wearable fitness monitors are all the rage right now and there's a reason for it: They honestly help. In fact, according to the Centre for Creative and Social Technology, a whopping 71% of Americans find that using some sort of wearable tech helped improve their health and fitness. The Polar Loop Activity Monitor tracks everything you need: daily activity, how many steps you take, how many calories you burn (based on your individual specs and the intensity of your activity). It even has an Inactivity Alert to tell you when you've been sitting too long, this really comes in handy if you spend most of your time at a desk. The Polar Loop shows you the time and is sleek enough and comfortable enough to wear constantly. It's even waterproof. It has a rechargeable battery with five days of continuous use and can hold 12 days worth of data. Then you can either use its Bluetooth capabilities to transfer that data to the mobile app or the USB cable. There are many wearable health monitors out there, but I've found that Polar Loop is one of the best. In fact, there are two people on my gift list getting one this year!