No Women's World Squash Championships in 2013
It's been a hard year for squash. First, it lost it's bid for the 2020 Olympics. Now, there will be no Women's World Squash Championship, at least not in the calendar year of 2013.

The WSA wanted to hold the event at the Soho Club in Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt next month but last-ditch negotiations fell through. The 2010 World Open was held in Sharm el Sheikh; however, both the lack of preparation time and the Egypt's recent economic downturn contributed to the plans being a no go.

The WSA is considering holding the 2013 World Championship in March, 2014, and then the 2014 championship later that year. Until then, Women's World Champion Nicol David will hold on to her title.

Women squash players are understandably frustrated. The men's PSA World Championship in Manchester held just last week was a huge success. It was broadcast live on the BBC from the quarterfinals on, a big coup for men's squash.

This is the first year since it's debut in 1991 that the Women's World Squash Championships will not be held.