How Does Brooks Look at Running Shoes?
“We take a different approach at the way we look at shoes,” Brooks representative Paul Harris said.

The Brooks approach to running shoes examines the feel and flow in addition to the spectrum of lightweight to heavy shoes. Paul said Brooks took their designers out of the building “to think about shoes from the ground up.” From that came a line of footwear that accommodates the needs of a broad range of runners.

The type of running shoes you wear depends on the way you answer the question, “What do you want your experience to be today?” Paul said.

In the Brooks Pure line of running shoes, feeling more with less shoe around the foot is key to providing a more natural ride experience. An anatomical shape contours the foot to provide true support and a glove-like fit. The addition of Dual Toe Flex allows the big toe to function independently to assist with late stage pronation.

Brooks is also updating some of their most popular running shoes with the Glycerin 11, the Ghost 6, and the Addiction 11. And in the future, all Brooks shoes are going to start integrating a “horse shoe” shaped heel for complete ground contact.

In addition to all of Brooks’ line improvements, they will soon be replacing the Trance with the Transcend on August 1, 2013. The Brooks Transcend will be available in stores February, 2014.

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