Karhu Flow Trail Running Shoes (Video)
If your travels take you through the woods and over hill and dale, the Karhu Flow Trail is now available to help you tackle technical terrain.

Due to Fulcrum Technology, Karhu shoes are designed to transition runners quickly from heel to toe for fast and responsive training. Much like its road counterpart, the Karhu Flow 3 Trainer, the Flow Trail comes complete with a breathable, open mesh in the upper as well as cushions for the Achilles tendon. To make the shoe rugged enough for the trails, Karhu built in some key features:

  • Counter-Directional T Lugs: T-shaped lugs on the outsole ensure greater traction on both uphills and downhills. Lugs in the forefoot face downward for uphill running, while lugs in the heel face upward for downhill running.

  • Waterproof Vamp Wall: In the lower third of the upper, Karhu wrapped the shoe with a waterproof vamp wall to keep your feet dry amid wet and muddy conditions.

  • Water Drainage: Water drains efficiently from the shoe, allowing for ample stream crossing and puddle stomping.

The best benefit of the Karhu Flow Trail? The weight! Weighing in at 9.0 ounces for a men's size 9, the shoe is a very light option for trail runners who don't want to be burdened with a 13 ounce shoe. There is no rock plate, which allows you to transition easily on to the pavement.

Want to learn more about the Flow Trail? Check out our video below; Karhu Sales Manager Meagan Nedlo talks about why this shoe is the best fit to take to you to and from the trails and beyond.

[youtube id="_Os4Mhf5ubI" width="620" height="360"]

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