Staff Picks: Compression Socks, Tech Shirts, Headwarmers, Prince Grip Plus, and Squash Eyeguards

110% Compression Socks

My pick of the week has occurred at a very poignant time. Running on uneven surfaces has its perils, and I, quite literally, stumbled upon one: rolling an ankle. I noticed the ankle swelling after a few hours and immediately resorted to "RICE" treatment: Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation.

The Overdrive Compression and Ice Kit from 110%--compression and rehab accessory specialists--have helped me keep the swelling down. The kit includes the Flat Out Compression Socks and Compression Ice Sleeves that hold ice inserts. I wear the compression socks for better circulation and a higher-performance run. I slip on the Ice Sleeves and the ice packets later for injury rehab and prevention. Best of all, you can place the packets anywhere on your lower legs for localized ice therapy.

Whether you're looking to rehab an injury, prevent an injury, or just to make your run more lively, try the 110% Overdrive Compression and Ice Kit! They're great for shin splints and calf issues…and in my case…ankle issues!


Under Armour's Tech Short Sleeve Tee

Under Armour’s Tech Short Sleeve Tee can do it all. Constructed from HeatGear fabric with raglan sleeves and flat seam stitching, this top provides an irritation free fit that is great at the gym, on the tennis court or on your daily run. It is lightweight, comfy and excellent at wicking moisture. I like to stand out and increase my safety in the Hi-Vis yellow color option on my morning runs and stay cooler on the sunny tennis court in white. Black, navy and gray are what I wear to the gym because yes, I have at least one in every color.


ASICS Thermopolis LT 2-N-1 Headwarmer

I prefer to run outside in crisp weather instead of in the heat and humidity of summer. But one problem I have encountered is pain in my ears from the cold air whipping past me. Slipping on the ASICS Thermopolis LT 2-N-1 Headwarmer fixes that. Contoured ear coverage easily covers my problem spots without having to be stretched down or awkwardly adjusted while I’m running. Plus the Thermopolis fabric is soft, warm, and wicks away moisture. And since it gets darker earlier, reflective elements provide better visibility. If you prefer black or gray, it’s also reversible. The headwarmer also works better for me than a hat because I have a lot of thick hair to deal with and it’s easier to leave out or just throw in a ponytail.


Prince Grip Plus

Summers here in Maryland usually tend to come with a heavy dose of humidity.  If you're a heavy sweater like me, it doesn't take long in the heat and humidity before your hands are pretty slick and every serve comes with the risk of sending your racquet flying across the court.  I try my best to take good care of my racquets and accidentally launching them across the court because my hands are sweaty usually doesn't end well.  I've tried rosin in the past and it works, but it always seems to make a lot of mess for me.  Prince Grip Plus comes out of the bottle in a lotion-like liquid—there's no powder going everywhere—and then it quickly dries up into a powdery substance, allowing you to easily grip the racquet without fear of slipping.


Wilson Nvue Black Eyeguards

If you've ever played squash, you understand the importance of a good pair of eyeguards. The other day I ran (well, dove) face first into my opponents racquet.  The Wilson Nvue Eyeguards were an eye saver. The bridge moved back onto my nose with the impact but, since it's padded, it wasn't too painful. I was enjoying these eyeguards before that incident -- they are comfortable, they don't fog up and they don't slip down your face when you get sweaty. Plus, the NCode Nano anti-scratch technology actually works. My last pair of eyeguards got all scratched up just from being in my bag. These do come with their own little bag; however, I will admit that I don't always use it and they still don't have a scratch on them. Besides all that, the Wilson Nvue Black Eyeguards actually look pretty good on.