NATHAN Sports Reminds Us to Look at Our Pee
In Nathan's newest campaign, "Run Like Water," the company's main focus is educating runners on the importance of staying hydrated. A big part of knowing our hydration levels, as you've probably noticed after a night out, is our liquid excretion. That's why Nathan started its own educational hashtag: #WhatColorIsYourPee

Urine color is an indicator of your hydration level and you should “aim for a pale yellow," says NATHAN. If your urine is darker, hydrate immediately. 

You may be thinking to yourself... I already know this. Or you may be thinking... Why are they giving me pee advice. Ew.

No matter if it grosses you out or if you've heard it a million times before, hydration is incredibly important, and we should always be on top of it. 

But HOW important is it, though?


The human body is comprised of 60% to 65% of water, and when you experience a 2% loss of fluids, that can lead to up to a 20% decrease in performance. From just a 2% loss! That's why it's vital to hydrate before, during, and after a run to fuel properly, perform better, and recover faster.


And when it’s hot outside, a 2% loss of fluids can double your losses. Up to a 40% decrease in physical performance. In the summer months, you need to be prepared with handhelds for better hydration. 


After your core body temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit (likely to happen on a hot day) performance drops dramatically. Using insulated hydration keeps water colder longer and your core temperature below 104! And since Nathan is the ONLY provider of double-wall insulated running handhelds, it only makes sense to fuel with the best. 

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Don't forget that dehydration is a leading cause of training injuries and can quickly spoil your run. If you're starting to feel muscle cramps, dry sticky mouth, reduced concentration, fatigue, dizziness, bad mood and headaches, you could very well be dehydrated, as those are some of the most common symptoms.

With maintaining your fluids, you'll be able to better regulates body temperature; prevent cramps; deliver nutrients to your muscles; oxygen to cells, cushion your joints, and aid in your own recovery.

And remember, "A sore muscle is a thirsty muscle! Hydrate after a run to help your muscles recover quicker."

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