Workout Movie Games for When You're Snowed In
Whenever it snows, our first thoughts are usually curling up in our blankies, blasting the heat, pulling out the cocoa or other beverages and enjoying quality time with Mr. Couch and Mrs. TV.

And while the time spent with that lovely couple is always well-received, we here at Holabird thought we'd amp up your snow day by providing you with exercises to do during our staff favorite movies (which we hope are some of your favorites, too).

Instead of couch potato-ing this snow day, take some time to do some off-the-couch moving in non-potato fashion. Still eat your chips if you must, but pair them with tricep dip, instead.

Pick your favorite movie or the one you want to watch, try the workout and tell us how it went by tagging us in a post using #holabirdhappy, sharing with us on social in your own way or completely avoiding any contact and just watching and completing the workout.

The first on the list is created to ensure your cat walk ready. Happy snow day!


"I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking," but we want to help you out anyways.

Here are the rules: 

  1. 10 tricep dips every time the name of a look is mentioned

  2. 10 push ups every time there is a celebrity cameo

  3. 25 bicycles anyone talks about how hot Hansel is

  4. 5 lunges (on each side) when anyone says "good looking"

  5. 10 jumping jacks every time Derek misunderstands a common word or concept

Mrs. Doubtfire

*Duuuude looks like a ladayy* 

Here are the rules: 

  1. 5 jump squats every time Robin Williams changes in and out of Mrs. Doubtfire disguise

  2. 20 mountain climbers every time Robin Williams does an impression or voice (other than his own voice or Mrs. Doubtfire's voice after the first time he uses it)

  3. 10 side lunges every time Stuart is wronged or physically assaulted

  4. Plank everytime someone asks Mrs. Doubtfire for advice and after her answer, you can stop

  5. 10 V-Ups every time Robin Williams has a malfunction with his Mrs. Doubtfire attire

Good Will Hunting

It'd be wicked smaaht of ya to try this one out. I mean... then you could yell to all of your friends chowing down at a diner instead of working out "HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES?!"

The rules: 

  1. 5 burpees every time Will (Matt Damon) solves a math equation

  2. Jog in place every time Will refuses to open up to therapy

  3. 10 squats every time Robin Williams says the word "chief"

  4. 5 lunge split jumps (on each side) every time Robin Williams talks about his wife

Bonus: When Will schools that lame-o in the baaah, do non-stop high-knees during the entire fight.

The Dark Knight

"The only sensible way to live is without rules." But... we're going to give you rules anyways.

The rules: 

  1. 5 tricep push-ups every time the Joker licks his lips

  2. 25 sit up every time someone is killed

  3. 15 inclined couch push-ups every time a playing card is seen

  4. 10 plie squats every time Harvey Dent flips his coin

  5. 10 side dips on each side every time a new piece of Bat technology is used

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Well... I was going to do this workout game, but then... "I just carried on living my life..."

NO! We don't want to have Peter-Sarah argument about you not trying, so give it a shot, k?

The rules: 

  1. 10 jumping jacks every time Jason Segel cries

  2. 10 puhs-ups every time Kunu gives advice

  3. 30 flutter kicks every time a wedding takes place

  4. Do a wall sit every time Jason Segel plays the piano

  5. When any Hawaiian word is used (whether real or made up) do 5 jumping squats