Overcome any Obstacle in the New Reebok All-Terrain Super 2.0 Shoes
I'm often dubious about anything that claims it's good for everything, including all-terrain running shoes. I have my road shoes and I have my trail shoes. They are very different shoes. That said, there is one run I like to do that includes road, light trail, and a substantial part that is often muddy, wet and slick. Obviously, a good pair of all-terrain shoes would be perfect for this run.

Reebok's new All-Terrain Super 2.0 is a great all-around shoe. First and foremost, they are light. All running shoes have gotten lighter in the past few years but trail shoes often have protective metal plates and toe boxes that add some weight. These new Reebok All-Terrain Super running shoes are still lightweight with a flexible rock plate and reinforced upper. These fit like racing shoes. They are super snug with a racing feel to them. (If you want an even faster feeling all-terrain shoe try the Reebok All-Terrain Sprint.)

Trail specific elements include the aforementioned rock plate and reinforced upper as well as a synthetic upper that keeps out most water and built-in water drainage ports. These shoes shed water surprisingly fast.

The Reebok All-Terrain Super 2.0 shoes live up to their name in the traction department with grippy rubber cleats. In addition, this shoe also has a grippy area on the inner and outer arch areas to help with rope climbing, making these perhaps the best obstacle course shoes around.

These shoes look great. They look slick and sleek and the color choices are fantastic. I prefer the women's Solar Yellow / Fierce Fuchsia but they are also available in Red Rush / Poppy Red / Neon Cherry. The men's shoes come in Neon Cherry / Black / Solar Yellow and Solar Green / Solar Yellow / Black.

Check out the Reebok All-Terrain Super 2.0 shoes for men and the Reebok All-Terrain Super 2.0 shoes for women -->