Overcome Common Fall Running Challenges with New Apparel from Brooks!

There are a lot of things to love about fall—the foliage, the weather, the fashion—but every season change comes with a few challenges when it comes to outdoor running. Fortunately, the Brooks Fall 2018 line of running clothes and accessories can help you tackle whatever fall 2018 throws at you!

Fall Running Challenge One: Less Daylight

Autumn brings shorter days, so there's less daylight and decreased visibility not only for you, but for motorists and others around you during your run. If you’re running at dawn or dusk, play it safe in running gear that features reflective elements. The Brooks Hideout Jacket has reflective details to help you be seen.

Fall Running Challenge Two: Daily Temperature Extremes

Combat the volatile swings in temperature during the transitional period between seasons by layering your clothes. Weather that fluctuates from cold to hot to cold again over the course of one day is best addressed by wearing layers you can easily add to and subtract from as the temperature shifts. You’ll be even more comfortable if you choose layers made of advanced fabrics like notched thermal material for optimum temperature regulation and DriLayer® for moisture wicking.

Fall Running Challenge Three: Cold Sweats

Even when the weather is consistently cold, sweat is still an issue for outdoor runners. Keeping your body warm while also transporting sweat away from your skin will help you avoid the uncomfortable cold-wet combination that can accompany brisk-weather running.

Fall Running Challenge Four: Keeping Your Head Warm

You know the importance of keeping your head warm when the temperature drops, but how do you know what headgear is right for you? It all depends on how cold it will be during your run… and how much hair you have! Runners with thick locks of hair or those running in warmer temperatures can get along just fine with a headband. Those who are rocking short cuts or going for a bald-and-beautiful aesthetic—as well as folks running in colder temperatures—may want the fuller coverage of a beanie.

Fall Running Challenge Five: Long, Cold Runs

Going the distance can be dramatically more difficult as temperatures drop, and runners who are looking to build their endurance year-round know that indoor treadmill work can’t fully replace outdoor jaunts. How do you keep warm on runs when it’s so, so cold? Get yourself some serious running outerwear! With features like a chin guard, hidden thumbholes, and wind-resistant materials, the Brooks Cascadia Thermal Jacket for women is a great way to keep you toasty and protected during long runs. And the Brooks Cascadia Thermal Vest for men boasts the same chin guard and wind-resistant materials in a vest that keeps your core warm while staying super light.