I've tried many different shoes for my Cross Fit training, but Reebok makes the only fleet I trust to withstand the beating from grueling WODs. They're specifically engineered to dwell in the world of functional fitness and have completely changed my level of performance.


Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0

CrossFit has expanded over the last few years, making it past the "just a fad" stage to a movement that positively affects the lives of millions, daily. I've seen through the eyes of Reebok, that fitness can be fashionable. With Reebok's CrossFit Nano 4.0, I have new and vibrant colors in this everyday WOD shoe. To me, the Nano 4.0 is the most versatile shoe for athletes who come to their box each day to put in work. The Nano 4.0 has endured the rugged terrain during my 200- and 400-meter sprints and can even provide some serious protection during rope climbs. They are extremely durable, allow ample room in the toe box, and have some of the hottest colorways on the market. The Nano 4.0s did require a bit of a break-in period due to the tough DuraCage upper, but once they’re broken in, they've got a comfortable, lived-in feel that makes them my go-to for most workouts at my CrossFit box.


Reebok CrossFit Sprint 2.0

Reebok's CrossFit Sprint 2.0 was revamped to be the best, most lightweight training shoe for CrossFit athletes, but with a more specific purpose in mind. The Sprint 2.0 has a soft and comfortable feel right out of the box, so there's no break-in period like with the Nano 4.0. I consider it to be the best option for WODs that consist of multiple intervals of 400 meters and above. I'd also take these to the gym or to the track for sprint interval sessions. They’re my favorite choice for WODs that are based on body-weight movements like box jumps, pistols, double-unders, and burpees. If I need to be quick during a "For Time" workout, these help keep me light on my feet and ahead of the pack.


Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0

The new Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0 is one of my favorite shoes in the fleet. As someone who takes their Olympic lifts seriously, I love how the Lifter 2.0 helps me get into the right positions with little effort. The bright colors make me stand out while I'm working hard on technique during cleans, squats, and snatches. What I love most about the Lifter 2.0 is how stable I feel during heavy squats. The Pebax TPU heel clip keeps me grounded and helps me stay in my heels when driving out of the bottom of a heavy squat. Another great use for the Lifter 2.0 comes during longer rowing sessions. The sturdy heel clip has helped my tired legs during a 5k row by providing that little advantage when I needed it most. I have also worn Reebok’s previous lifter, which is made with more of a traditional, leather upper. It took some time for me to break in this material, but the Lifter 2.0s were flexible and easy to use right away.