Celebrating US Presidents Who Run & Play Tennis... with a Sale!
First Lady Michelle Obama is known for Let's Move, her campaign to help stop childhood obesity in America. In addition to increased daily physical activity, it works to promote healthier diets and better food labeling. As the spokeswoman she is often spotted participating in some sort of exercise, and both the President and the First Lady have been known to play tennis and go jogging, even though President Obama's first exercise love is clearly basketball. They aren't the only residents of the White House who've understood the importance of physical exercise.

To help you celebrate President's Day and the importance of exercise:

Tennis at the White House

In 1902, Teddy Roosevelt had the White House tennis court built near the South side of the West Wing. He played often and regularly jogged around the Washington Monument. (Interestingly, Roosevelt also hosted a boxing match at the White House.) In 1910 the court was moved to where the swimming pool is today.  It was on that court that First Lady Florence Harding, a big believer in the benefits of physical exercise and a champion for women, hosted the first women's tennis exhibition at the White House.  Later, the court was moved again, and made smaller.  Then in 1989, President George HW Bush had it enlarged. It was on that court that he played doubles with Pete Sampras in 1990. Most recently, in 2009, President Obama had basketball court lines painted on it and added removable baskets so he could play full-court basketball.

Running Presidents

Many of our Presidents and Vice Presidents have enjoyed the physical, mental and emotional benefits of jogging. Some have even run marathons. Jimmy Carter used to run around the grounds of the White House and, before that, he ran cross country while in the Navy. Bill Clinton was well-known for jogging around the mall; good for him but apparently very difficult for the secret service agents charged with protecting the personable president. Avid runner George W. Bush ran the 1993 Houston Marathon, finishing with an impressive time of 3:44:52. Al Gore, while Vice President, ran the 1997 Marine Corps Marathon (4:58:25). And current Second Lady Jill Biden ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 1998, finishing with a time of 4:30:02.

But the most athletic president may have been Gerald Ford. In college he played football for the University of Michigan as a center and a linebacker and was courted by the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers. In addition to enjoying the White House tennis courts, in 1975 Ford had a swimming pool built at the White House so he could stay in shape.

President's Day Sale

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