Saucony Women's 2017 Spring Collection: Bright, Bold and Beautiful!

When we think Spring, we think SUN. Life. Growth. Happiness.

Plants and animals start to wake, we rise earlier (or try to) and things around us get a little warmer.

Saucony wants to welcome spring loudly with bright colors and unique patterns. Spring 2017 is all about fun and adventure. Get it, Ladies!

Saucony Women's Spring 2017

Impulse Bra Top: Constellation Print

Even though you can't see it here, this Impulse Bra Top has a criss-cross back design. Whether you're training, running in the streets or posing in front of colorful buildings, this bra is the absolute best.

Impulse Bra Top: Raspberry Beret

Remember the mention of the criss-cross design pattern on the back of the Impulse Bra Top. Well, there it is! In all of its glory. Wear it under a tank or just sport it with some leggings. Train in style.

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Go Off-Road with Saucony Peregrine 7s 

Ever thought about taking your runs off road through forest trails or mountain terrain? You don't have to think anymore! Just do. Make 2017 new and exciting. Be an adventurous lady and equip yourself with the proper gear. These shoes will protect and propel you forward.

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 Neutral Runners Love Saucony Triumph ISO 3s

"A year ago, Saucony added a bouncy midsole foam to the Triumph, its premium daily trainer for neutral runners, but they’re adding even more this time around. The shoe gets a bigger slab of the material in the heel for improved responsiveness on heel strike. Lab tests revealed a dramatic improvement in impact shock reduction. We also saw flexibility scores rise.” -Runner's World Best Update
Winter Shoe Guide 2016

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Saucony Zealot ISO 2s: Lightweight, Less Cushion

Runners will enjoy a lightweight, flexible and cushioned ride in the Saucony Zealot ISO2 running shoes. The dynamic nature of ISOFIT adapts to the individual shape and motion of your feet providing personalized comfort without added weight. Look stylish, run fast and feel the energy in every step of your run.

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Training is a Breeze in Saucony Scoot Tight Shorts 

Swing from trees or take your workout to the streets! These next-to-skin fitting shorts offer a comfortable compression that stays in place and doesn’t irritate while you move. You'll stay cool, dry and comfortable during all of your exercises.

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