Shower to Go: Just Add Water!

Matador is an outdoor accessories company that specializes in lightweight, durable, packable gear for people with serious wanderlust. Their flagship product—the Pocket Blanket—promises to revolutionize everything from concerts and picnics to hikes and sporting events by allowing you to bring waterproof seating for four everywhere you go.

If you’re serious about traveling light, toiletries and other bathing necessities can pose a challenge. Leaks and spills are always a concern, and single-use travel-size bottles are wasteful and costly. And if your travel takes you somewhere that doesn’t offer towels, packing your own can take up valuable real estate in your bag.

Thanks to some of the innovative products from Matador, you can now effortlessly carry your shower necessities in a compact, waterproof bag. Perfect for camping, backpacking and hiking, weekend trips, last-minute overnighters, and more, the “Shower to Go” has almost everything you need: Just add water!

The Matador Droplet Wet Bag is perfect for carrying your shower necessities. It’s waterproof, so you can throw a wet washcloth or mesh loofah in without getting everything else in your backpack or suitcase wet. It’s also a great way to prevent soap or shampoo from leaking all over your clothing. As a bonus, when not in use, this 9-inch by 10.5-inch bag neatly folds up and stores in a silicone keychain that’s no bigger than a golf ball.

Traveling with a bar of soap can be messy and annoying, but the Matador FlatPak Soap Bar Case keeps moisture in while allowing the soap bar to dry thanks to Dry-Through technology. The bag is large enough to accommodate most standard bars of soap (up to 4 inches by 2.4 inches by 1.3 inches), and its rolltop buckle closure prevents leaks.

The Matador FlatPak Toiletry Bottle is ultralight at 11.5 grams and is super compact because it adapts to the volume of whatever you fill it with. It has a snap loop to let you easily attach it to a backpack or shower rack and its waterproof exterior makes it easy to clean and prevents it from absorbing anything that may leak onto it during travel. With a 3-ounce capacity, it’s perfect for air travel too.

Normally the thought of packing a full-size towel in with your other toiletries would seem absurd, but the Matador NanoDry Shower Towel allows you to bring a 47-inch by 24-inch towel with you in a silicone carrying case that fits in your hand. The Matador towel utilizes nanofiber material so it’s lighter, more absorbent, and dries faster than regular towels and even microfiber towels. It has an antimicrobial coating to fight mildew, and its silicone carrying case features ventilation so you can pack it wet when necessary.

Get your own Shower to Go or explore our entire lineup of ultra-packable Matador products!

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