Skechers GOrun 2 Running Shoe Review
The Skechers GOrun line has been remodeled to make the minimalist running experience even better. The GOrun 2, an update from the GOrun, has been redesigned to make the overall fit of the shoe more natural and more comfortable.

Science of the Shoe
The upper of the shoe is virtually seamless and exceptionally flexible. Skechers implements a 4-way stretch mesh that not only results in superior comfort, but also yields a very flexible feel, especially in the toe box. For minimalist runners seeking a roomy toe box for a liberal toe splay, the GOruns 2 will not disappoint. If you're looking for even more of a natural ride, you may even remove the sock liner without compromising comfort.

Most importantly, the shoe is ultralight! We weighed a women's size 8 at 5.2 ounces and a men's size 10 at 6.8 ounces.

Skechers employed a "sole rocker" when they constructed the midsole of the first GOrun, and they have utilized the same design for the new model. The result is a midsole that is thickest just underneath the midfoot, generating a backward lean like a rocker (hence the name). The impetus for the design is to ensure that runners land naturally on their midfoot in order to decrease the odds of a harsh heel strike--something that often leads to nagging injuries. The sole rocker works jointly with Skechers M-Strike technology to encourage a comfortable midfoot strike. Resalyte, a lightweight, foamy mold, gives the shoe both cushioning and shock absorption.

What has changed in the updated midsole? First and foremost, the dimensions are different. Skechers has added 1mm to each section of the midsole. Note that they have still maintained the 4mm heel-to-toe offset:

  • Heel: 15mm

  • Midfoot: 20mm

  • Toe: 11mm

Skechers paid attention to your criticisms of the original GOrun. For those curious about the notorious "bump" that was prominent beneath the arch in the original model, Skechers has altered the shoe to make it far more comfortable. The product specialists have tapered the curvature of the heel and have toned the arch and sole rocker down.

The result? A bump-less, sleek fit that still encourages an effective midfoot landing.

In the outsole of the GOrun 2, Skechers has placed rubber GOimpulse Sensors in strategic locations to provide some responsiveness and durability.

Feel of the Shoe
In full disclosure, I was not the biggest fan of the first iteration of the GOruns. Skechers was going to have to up their game for me to be sold on the new model. First impressions are tough to break, but I have to admit: I was impressed with the GOrun 2.

First, as a runner with very low arches, I found the "bump" in the original model to be very uncomfortable. My verdict on the fit of the GOrun 2?

Very nice--no bump at all. There is still some noticeable support beneath the arch, but that is merely from the set of four GOimpulse sensors that sit beneath the midfoot on the outsole. The arch ramp was toned down nicely to produce a more cozy fit.

Likewise, I didn't sense an excessive backward lean in the new model. The curvature in the heel of the GoRUN 1, coupled with the very prominent arch, gave me the sensation of falling backwards on my heels when I was standing. The feeling wasn't as pronounced when I was in motion, but it was bothersome nonetheless. The Skechers GOrun 2 felt a lot more natural. It still had an effective sole rocker, without the feeling of a full-on rocking chair.

I was very pleased with the ride of the shoe, as it was very flexible and left me to my mechanics in a comfortable, yet natural manner. The GOimpulse Sensors seemed to give me some guidance throughout my footfalls, which I appreciated. Those who are looking for the most minimal experience possible may find the Skechers GoBionic more appealing. Overall, the GOrun 2 maintains its integrity as a true minimalist shoe and could fit the needs of any natural running enthusiast.

My only concern with the shoe is the potential of its lifespan. Skechers has stripped this shoe down to the basics, in order to keep it light and minimal. The upper and midsole are great, but I noticed some early wear on the outsole, especially in the heel.  I have only logged about 40 miles in the shoe, and it's holding up fine. Yet, my caveat to mileage hogs is that this shoe may need to be replaced before the traditional 300-500 mile benchmark.

The Bottom Line
With a flexible ride with a surprising element of cushioning, the Skechers GOrun 2 is a great fit for both rookie and veteran minimalist runners alike. It would serve runners well who are interested in trying their hand in minimalism for the first time.

  • Category: Minimalist/Natural Running

  • Recommended for: New and Veteran Minimalist Runners

  • Heel Height: 15 mm

  • Forefoot Height: 11 mm

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Greg Jubb is a former middle-distance runner for the University of Maryland and current employee of Holabird Sports.