Sneak Peek! Mizuno Spring 2014 Running Shoes
This fall, Mizuno will release more models from their upcoming Spring 2014 running shoe line. It's an exciting combination of updated classics and new additions. For starters, Mizuno has introduced the U4ic midsole, a compound that is 30% lighter than their traditional midsoles, to almost every model in the Spring 2014 collection. The results are shoes that are significantly lighter than before, but equally as soft.

Updated Mizuno Running Shoes:

Mizuno Wave Rider 17 - Mizuno's flagship neutral model will be remarkably light yet just as cushioned as its predecessor, thanks to the U4ic midsole. The new Rider weighs in at 8.8 ounces for men and 7.4 ounces for women--making it one of the lightest neutral cushioned trainers on the market. Shop the Mizuno Wave Rider 17.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 - Mizuno's tried-and-true stability shoe has also slimmed down from the current Inspire 9: 9.0 ounces for a men's size 9 and 7.6 ounces for a women's size 7. The Waveplate has been tweaked to provide optimum stability. Shop the Mizuno Wave Inspire 10.

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 - If you're searching for a shoe with maximum cushioning and an exceptionally smooth ride, the Wave Prophecy 3 will not disappoint. Mizuno has updated the Infinity Wave to ensure smooth and soft contact with the ground, regardless of whether you land on your heel, midfoot, or forefoot. Shop the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3.

New Mizuno Running Shoes for 2014:

Mizuno Wave Paradox - Mizuno advances the evolution of motion control footwear by introducing the insanely light Wave Paradox. Weighing in at 10.6 ounces for men and 8.6 ounces for women, this shoe gives severe overpronators and the motion control demographic the opportunity to experience a fantastic, lightweight ride. Shop the Mizuno Wave Paradox.

Mizuno Wave Hitogami - Mizuno retires the Wave Ronin and the Wave Musha and replaces them with the featherlight Wave Hitogami. It's lean enough for racing--7.4 ounces for men and 6.2 ounces for women--but still perfect for everyday training. The Hitogami serves neutral-footed runners and mild overpronators alike. Shop the Mizuno Wave Hitogami.

We chatted with Dave Patterson about all of the newest models in the Mizuno Spring 2014 line. Watch our video below to learn about Mizuno's latest technology updates.

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P.S. If you love the Mizuno Wave Ronin or Mizuno Wave Musha, now may be your last chance to snag a pair!