Staff Pick: Fan for Life, Overgrips, Bones Gloves & Honey Stingers

Baltimore Ravens Women's Fan for Life Sweater

Now that fall is officially upon us, football fans are in need of warmer gear for game day. The Baltimore Ravens Women’s Fan for Life Sweater is both a stylish and warm option for female football fans. Being a Baltimore native, I love the sporty look of the purple raglan sleeves and gray body with a large Ravens logo at center chest. This sweater is part of the touch by Alyssa Milano collection, specifically designed to give ladies more fashionable looks to support their favorite teams.


Yonex Super Grap Overgrips

I've used plenty of different overgrips through the years, and while I can generally play fine with just about any overgrip floating around in my bag, Yonex Super Grap is definitely my favorite.  It's got a nice, soft feel so it won't tear up your hands and it has a little bit of a tacky feel without being sticky.  There are several colors available so you can stand out on the court or even color code your racquets if you have a few of the same.  I personally prefer the 30 pack so that I (almost) never run out, but Super Grap is also available in 3 packs and 12 packs.


Wilson Bones Right Glove

Even though Halloween is over, there is still that spooky fall feel in the air. If you're moving to inside sports, or if you already play racquetball or even squash, check out the Wilson Bones Glove. Not only do these look way more fun than your average glove, they'll keep your hands dry and cool. My hands tend to blister if I haven't played in a while, these gloves don't have a seam to help prevent blisters. The leather is super, super thin so you can still feel the racquet yet you get the extra gripping power of the glove. I confess that I originally tried this glove because I love the way it looks, but I keep using it because I love the way it feels.  If you have a racquetball player in your life, this makes a perfect gift.



Honey Stinger Waffles

Whether you're on the courts or on the trails, odds are you're going to get hungry--especially if you're working out for 90 minutes or more. If you're looking to get a quick boost of energy or even to curb hunger pangs, try the Honey Stinger Waffle. They're like chewy graham crackers made with organic ingredients. However, there is one major difference: They taste way better than graham crackers. Seriously, be sure to ration your portions because they'll be gone in no time if you can't control snacking urges. They can be ordered in packs of 16 and are available in several flavors: honey, lemon, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.