Wilson Expands New Technology to Create the Perfect Racquet for Each Type of Player
Wilson National Account Manager Joel Conybear reported at a Holabird Sports team meeting that one of Wilson’s biggest successes of the past year has been the introduction of Spin Effect technology to some of the racquets in their current line. Designated with an “S,” this system increases ball revolutions per minute without players having to change their swings. Joel said “they’re a lot more comfortable to play with.”

In addition to Spin Effect, Wilson is also introducing Parallel Drilling technology which provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response while dramatically increasing the sweet spot by allowing the string to enter and exit grommet holes straight, instead of at an angle. New Amplifeel™ 360 tech features a full basalt expanded handle and a new shock absorbing engineered urethane polymer.

One of Wilson’s goals for the 2014 line is to expand that technology into more racquets for more player types and to clearly define the categories of each racquet, string, and grip. For players, this new system makes choosing exactly what you need for your game a lot easier. For racquets, the categories are Control + Spin, Power + Spin, and Power + Comfort. Strings are Power, Comfort, Control, Spin, or Durability, and grips are Feel, Comfort, or Absorbent. Joel said it was important that consumers have more clarity in their choices.

Joel said Wilson is also creating a more clear progression as players move from junior racquets during transitions, specifically in the Juice series. The plan is to "Juice the Juice" and make it "a little more powerful," Joel said. In the 2014 series, the Juice starts with an ultra-light 100 head size frame at 9.8 ounces strung, and then transitions to light and on up to a 108 oversized head size at 10.4 ounces strung. There will also be a 100 head size frame available with Spin Effect. Wilson is hoping that more "universal cosmetics" with deeper colors will appeal to a wider range of players. The Juice is categorized as a Power + Spin racquet.

There’s also the updated Pro Staff (Control + Spin) racquet that Joel said is "for the player who really likes to customize his or her racquet." Especially because a built-in ruler at each side of the head makes it easy for players to cut and add lead or tungsten tape to customize the weight. The Six.One also has the same ruler plus Parallel Drilling technology.

The new Wilson updates will make their debut to coincide with the beginning of the 2014 Australian Open.

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