Staff Picks: Arm & Calf Sleeves, Foam Roller & Ryka Downbeat Aerobic Shoes
Saucony Amp Pro Two Calf Sleeves & New Balance Icy Arm Sleeves

It's that time of year, when you can easily start your morning or evening run a little chilly but then find yourself way too warm by the time you get halfway through. I prefer arm and calf sleeves to light jackets; when I take them off I can tightly roll them up and put them into my running pack. The New Balance Icy Arm Sleeves are my favorite. They are made with IceFil technology to help regulate your body temperature, have reflective accents for safer nighttime running, grippy material to keep them from sliding down and thumb holes to help the tops of your hands stay warmer. The Saucony Amp Pro Two Calf Sleeves wick away moisture while the ergo-adaptive seams reduce friction. The compression fit and Celliant® fabric increase oxygen in your blood to give you more energy, endurance and strength.


Trigger Point The Grid Foam Roller

A foam roll a day keeps the doctor away. It's marathon season and runners are cranking up the miles. Sometimes, with higher mileage, comes injuries. Been there. Done that. Your best friend for injury rehab and prevention is a foam roller. I love The Grid from Trigger Point. It has a three-dimensional surface with three types of zones to provide massage therapy in many ways: from broad muscle massage to fingertip massage. Is your Achilles tendon flared up? Do you have IT Band Syndrome that keeps nagging you? Muscles always sore? I use The Grid for all of the above. And it not only helps clear up these aches and pains--with regular use, it prevents them from nagging you again!


Ryka Downbeat Lady

Fitness DVDs like Insanity® and P90X® require a lot of ankle support and traction to prevent injury and Ryka Downbeat aerobics and training shoes provide both. When I’m doing Insanity® I noticed that I feel a lot more capable of keeping up with the movements when I’m wearing shoes that are lightweight but still supportive. Ryka Downbeat shoes have low-profile cushioning that keep you low to the ground for a more responsive experience. In addition to your standard laces, an adjustable instep strap also keeps your feet centered and secure in the shoes. Not just about function, Ryka Downbeat shoes are also quite the lookers with a mid-cut height for an urban, modern, and trendy style.