The Name-Brand Classics are Back (and for a bargain!)
Reebok, adidas, Lacoste and Fila. Name-brand classics have returned to the shelves at prices you can't beat.

I moseyed on down to our showroom (on the first floor of our building) to check out some Stan Smiths I heard calling my name and legitimately "eeek"ed upon seeing its sign: $59.95. THERE MUST BE A MISTAKE!

No, it was true. And all other classics can be yours from just $51 up to $75 depending on brand.

Curtis, our resident "classic man," tried them all on for size- inconspicuously trying to slip each individual shoe under his tee to take home with him. But alas, these shoes stayed on our shelves and in our warehouse, so you can try them on in store or order them for delivery. TO THE CLASSICS! *cheers ensue of 'old fashioned's and 'whiskey on the rocks'*

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