The New Head Graphene Touch Instinct ADAPTIVE: Effortless Power

Are you going to play by fear or by pure Instinct?

The new Head Instinct is completely revamped from the bottom up. Not only has it been redone, but also it has new features incorporating ADAPTIVE Tuning, and is endorsed by ATP pro, Tomas Berdych.

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The Adaptive Tuning version of the Instinct comes in at 100 square inches head size and weighs in at 290 grams/10.2 ounces with a balance of 330 mm. With 23/26/23 mm frame, this racquet is modern, as opposed to Head's Graphene Touch Speed, 22mm all the way around, which caters to a more traditional feel.

If you have used the Instinct in years passed, you know that it’s a power-friendly racquet. Times have changed, but the Instinct's true colors are still alive in this iteration with Graphene Touch. You have a powerful and maneuverable racquet straight from the head, but now you can do more.


If you were looking to tame the Instinct from its fire-breathing dragon personality, then you should look at its configuration. The racquet comes standard with 16/19 grommets, which will need to be removed and replaced with the heavier 16/19-grommet system adding (0.5 grams). The end cap is also going to need to be replaced by the heavier option supplied in the adaptive tuning kit, adding (0.35 grams). No adjustment is necessary to the overall length for this configuration, but if that's what will suit you best, then your racquet will be a static weight of 305 grams/ 10.67 ounces and a 325 mm swing weight.


Prepare to wave your magic wand and whip cross-court winners with this lively set up. By leaving the heavier weight in the end cap and switching the heavier 16/19 grommets for the open 16/16 light grommets, you'll open up the string bed for more accessible spin and lighten the head to be more maneuverable. The difference in weight is (0.15 grams) from the control option.


To unlock the true power of the racquet, a configuration has to be made on both ends. By replacing the standard grommets with the heavier 16/16 (+0.5 grams) grommets, you eliminate the heavy end cap and replace it with the standard one, will cut (0.35 grams) extending the handle with two spacers giving the player more leverage with their swing. The racquet will now weigh 295 grams/ 10.5 ounces and have a 343 balance mm. The length of the racquet has also been altered from the standard 27 inches/ 685 mm to 27 23/64 inches/ 695 mm.


If you prefer to keep the original feel of the racquet and maintain good power, control, maneuverability and spin, then this last configuration is the one for you.

Going back to the lite 16/16 grommets, opening the string bed for spin and comfort, then going back to your standard grip length and finally going to back to the heavier end cap, balances the power from the head. Weight is now increased in the end cap (0.35 grams) and is untouched in the head by the grommets. This brings the racquet to 300 grams/ 10.5 ounces and a balance of 320 mm.

Get your very own HEAD Graphene Touch Instinct Adaptive in 27", 27" with kit, 27.2" with kit, 27.4" with kit and 27.6" with kit.

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