The Saxon SX900: High-Performance Squash Shoes Made for Maximum Impact
When you're playing squash, or another indoor racquet sport, you need the most high-performance shoes you can find. As Saxon themselves say, "Given the speed at which
Indoor Court Racquet Sports are played at today means the ability to decelerate and change direction is crucial."

Designed and developed in Germany, Saxon squash shoes are specifically made for indoor racquet sports and are tested under extreme conditions. Saxon's research pinpointed the moment of maximum force as being the moment you play your shot. They designed the SX900 accordingly, in order to give you the best grip, control and support at this moment.

Here are some details:

  • The sole is made with DRC-X400, a newly developed durable rubber compound that has amazing grip and durability. Saxon's special integrated dampening system helps protect your feet during maximum impact and there is plenty of support for all of your sharp twists and turns.

  • The Saxon SX900 has a lightweight breathable upper with plenty of ventilation to keep your feet cool.

  • There is plenty of cushioning and shock absorption thanks to the polyurethane foaming-lite EVA midsole. Plus, Saxon added a Cross-Stabilizer and a graphite insert for more support of the mid-foot. Finally, the heel of the midsole has a SAT damping cushion to attenuate shock during impact.

See what these Squash champions think about Saxon SX900 squash shoes:

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