Timex Offers Sports Watches for Every Fitness Need
With a watch for every active lifestyle, runners from all walks of life are sure to find a Timex that works perfectly for their fitness needs and goals.

Tech Rep Kate Alexander stopped by Holabird Sports to pass along some new information about their current line of sport watches and heart rate monitors. “Timex has been around for a very, very, very long time,” she said. “We are known for our basic watches.”

And by basic she means that while other companies have started with other technology (like GPS) and are just beginning to offer wearable systems, Timex has always specialized in making your fitness experience as comfortable and efficient as possible. From nutrition alerts to workout reviews, weekend warriors to marathon runners will all get exactly what they need from a Timex watch.

The Timex line is really easy to navigate and choose which watch or heart rate monitor would best suit your needs. If 30-lap (870368) memory recall is just enough for you, or if you had a little more in mind for long distance running or much less for beginners, the simple names tell you exactly what the watch has to offer. Starting with the 250-lap (870354) watch, the addition of two interval timers also makes it a breeze to set breaks for training.

There’s also the new Flex Tech heart rate monitor strap that’s built with all-around elastic to give runners, especially women, better comfort around the body. The Easy Trainer Heart Rate Monitor, which uses the Flex Tech strap, also features 8 hours of battery life that will offer the perfect amount of data, even during marathons—with plenty to spare. And every watch in the line is water resistant, at least up to 50 meters.

Speaking of water resistant, Kate has a bit of advice for wearing the water-resistant watches while you swim—“Don’t press buttons under water.” Using the buttons under water allows water to penetrate the watch, making it inoperative. Bright colorways provide sporty flair and keep the watches from looking like clunky pieces around your wrist. The slimmer profile of the sleek versions will appeal to athletes that prefer a more modern and trendy look.

Just in time for the holidays and all those New Year resolution-setters, Kate said that you’ll notice a significant drop in price in some of Timex’s heart rate models, including the Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor, from $119.95 to $94.95, making it all the more accessible to a wider audience of runners.