Top Five Benefits of Trail Running
For those of us on the East Coast or up North, this might be the last few weeks to comfortably run outside. If you aren't aware of all of the benefits of trail running, you should be. There are many great reasons to lace up your lugged soles and get going!

  1. Breathe easier. Out in the woods there should be little pollution and you definitely won't be inhaling car fumes.

  2. Less shock on your joints. Softer earth can be easier on your joints than pavement and reduce impact stress which can lead to injuries.

  3. Better for your butt and core. Running up hills can strengthen your butt, legs and core. Plus, trail running burns up to 10% more calories so you can lose weight faster. And, keeping your balance on uneven terrain will help strengthen your core.

  4. Less chance of overuse injury. Running on a treadmill or on the same surface over and over can cause repetitive stress injuries. Trail running is more unpredictable and full of obstacles. You have to avoid roots, trees, rocks, small animals, whatever else is one the trail, meaning you can't simply run in a straight line.

  5. Improve your decision making skills. Avoiding the aforementioned obstacles demands quick thinking, concentration and agility, you need to react fast and literally think on your feet. This makes trail running more of a challenge for both your mind and your body.

In addition to all of these things, green exercise can boost your mental health and make you happier, now what's not to love about that?

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