Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record
Under Armour may have started from behind in the running shoe department but with the release of the UA SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record they are taking great strides forward.

The Gemini 2 Record is a cross between an activity tracker and a footpod. The pod is built in to the shoe and whenever the shoe is moving, it is tracking your steps. It is supposed to give you extremely accurate tracking of all of your runs. When you return home, you can connect your RE (Record Equipped) to the UA MapMyRun app (available in the App Store and Google Play) and see all of your data. The set up process is super easy, you just pair the shoes with Map My Run over Bluetooth. After you pair them the first time they will automatically sync up.

You don't notice the footpod or any of the electronic part while you are running. You don't even have to have Map My Run open while you are running. As soon as you start running, the shoes start tracking distance, pace per mile, and split times. It will sync to the app when you get back home.

The battery is made to outlast the shoe itself. In other words, you will have a new pair of shoes before this battery dies. Furthermore, the electronics are all sealed inside of the shoe – you can go trail running through mud and water and even wash your shoes with no worries. However, if you are still worried, Under Armour provides a waterproof guarantee for 415 miles of running.

Putting aside the cool new tech stuff, the most important thing to know about these shoes is that they are super comfortable. They have UA's Charged Cushioning, which, according to Under Armour, "is the ultimate advancement in energy, absorbing the impact of your foot strike and converting it into a level of responsive comfort you’ve never felt before." And, in fact, the SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record are more cushioned and responsive than the Apollo. Like the Apollo it has the snug, foot-wrapping upper (made in a bra factory). The Gemini 2 also has a sewn-in footbed which gives you a nice snugness while providing more than enough agility. Overall, with the seamless heel cup and smooth interior, the fit feels snug (I know, that word keeps coming up) and has a very customized fit feeling. The cushioning is perfect: firm enough to be responsive and fast yet soft enough to be comfortable and protective. The carbon rubber heel is super durable yet still lightweight and anatomically placed flex grooves help your heel to toe transition.

Overall, it's a very versatile shoe with a great fit, superior cushioning and the added benefit of very accurately tracking your runs.