WATCH: Merrell Allout Rush Running Shoes - Perfect for All Terrains
The Merrell Allout Rush allows the athlete who runs on a variety of surfaces to make an easy transition from road, to grass, to trail. With a 6mm heel-to-toe drop and 16mm of cushioning throughout, the Allout Rush allows for a midfoot strike while simultaneously providing plenty of cushioning.

The tread on the outsole is aggressive enough to endure the imperfections of trail surfaces without being too too sturdy for running on roads and sidewalks. The lugs are “siped” to allow self cleaning with each stride and make running both uphill and downhill safer with a strong grip and pull mechanism.

The Allout Rush, like all Merrell models, offers a generous amount of room in the toe box for ample comfort and toe splay. Omni-Fit lacing provides extra midfoot security to prevent an overly loose fit.

Merrelll Representative Erik Rice explains the technology behind the Allout Rush in the video below.

[youtube id="hC5drZ-Rmlk" width="620" height="360"]

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