WATCH: Wilson Six.One Racquets 2014
Wilson's added two new models to the iconic Six.One series. Rounding out this year's Six.One family, we have:

  • Wilson Six.One 95 - The 95 still has the classic Six.One feel with a sharp, cosmetic makeover. Wilson uses new Parallel Drilling technology to enhance the sweet spot and create a more forgiving string bed. Measurement marks have been added at the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock spots on the racquets for optimum placement of tuning tape, allowing a player to fully customize his or her racquet balance. The 95 comes in 16x18 and 18x20 string patterns.

  • Wilson Six.One 95L  - Designed to be lighter than the than the 95 model, the 95L tips the scales at 10.2 ounces unstrung and 10.7 ounces with strings. Wilson's Amplifeel 360 technology in the handle improves feel and reduces unwanted vibrations, all without adding excess weight.

  • Wilson Six.One 95S - Wilson incorporates their exciting Spin Effect Technology, resulting in increased RPMs without players having to change their swing. Wilson uses an 18x16 string pattern, which allows for greater snapback on the ball and increased spin on ground strokes.

[youtube id="8BWpuTZD0Mg" width="620" height="360"]