What to Wear When Running in the Rain
It's pouring here in Baltimore. While I opted to stay inside this morning, I did see a few of my braver neighbors splashing down the sidewalk. Some of them were completely soaked in just t-shirts and shorts; however, others looked professional, dressed for running through a downpour. So what should you wear when running in the rain, especially when it's cold outside?

When running in the rain it might be your first instinct to layer on more clothing; however, this is not the best idea. More layers simply means you will have more wet clothing on. Instead of more, you should focus on the layer closest to your skin. For starters, you want to choose a breathable, moisture wicking material -- not cotton. Cotton will get wet and stay wet. Start with your underwear: Tech underwear is better than cotton. It helps to manage moisture and won't get as soggy.

You will want a good long sleeve shirt. If it's extra cold then wool will keep you warm, the Saucony Altitude Base Layer long sleeve top for men and women will keep you warm and drier than many other fabrics. Another nice option is the Saucony Omni Drylete Sportop for women and men. For your bottom layer, look at tights. These will keep you warm and moisture wicking will keep the wet moving. There are many tights for women and tights for men.

On cold or windy days, jackets are a must. Look for a jacket with water resistance, elastic cuffs and a hood. Women might want to try the Under Armour Qualifier Woven Jacket. For men, the Under Armour Storm Anchor Jacket has a removable hood, is water resistant and back vented, plus it has elastic cuffs.

To avoid getting rain in your eyes, you should wear a hat with a brim or visor or a jacket with a hood.

You might not consider wearing sunglasses in the rain but glasses with a light tint, clear sunglasses, or a pair with photochromatic lenses (lenses that adjust to current lighting conditions) can keep rain out of your eyes and protect them, even on overcast days.

Choosing the right socks for rain running is crucial: You don't want to get blisters. Try moisture wicking socks like these Swiftwick socks for men or women. It's not only your feet that may have more problems in the rain: Bodyglide is used by runners the world over to cut down on full-body chafing issues.

And remember, when running in the rain, a pair of shoes with good traction will help. Furthermore, if possible, you want running shoes that dry quickly.

If all else fails, cut armholes out of a trash bag! When it gets too wet, you can simply throw it in the nearest trash can.