What Was the #1 Shoe Worn at the 2015 Boston Marathon?
Competitor magazine has released some interesting information. They set up a camera 11 miles into the Boston Marathon to see which shoe brands were worn. They captured 59% of the runners (59% male and 41% female).

The top three shoe brands, in order, were ASICS, Brooks and Saucony. ASICS had a whopping 25.12% of shoes counted. Brooks had 19.04% and Saucony had 11.38%.

The next group had a few surprises. When you consider how new they are, the popularity of the Hoka brand is a bit surprising, but when you consider how great those shoes are, it definitely makes sense. ON running shoes did well for being a (relatively) young company. However, it's great to see that people are willing to try and experience shoes with new technology that look a bit different from the norm.

No other shoe brand broke 1%. The rest are in this order:

According to Competitor, there were no barefoot runners. Shoe trends are interesting. It wasn't that long ago that Vibrams were flying off the shelves. But, looking at these statistics, maximalist shoes are by far more popular than minimalist.