Choose Your Experience: Which Altra Running Shoe is Best For You?

In this world, few things are certain: Death, taxes and Altra making zero-drop running shoes.


Or so we thought.


Ever since VF Corporation acquired Altra in 2018, many industry experts wondered what new shoes would leak out of the Altra labs. Our questions were answered last year, when Altra introduced runners to the AltraFWD Experience, which featured a 4mm drop.


Wait--Altra with a drop??


Yes, you read that correctly. Altra, the brand that stood out in the running community for it's wide toe box and zero-drop platform, finally conformed. But is that such a bad thing?


In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know about the new Altra Experience running shoes. Then we'll recommend the perfect pair for your based on your needs.

Run More. Effort Less.

The Altra Experience line is designed for a new generation. Whether you're excited or enraged, these shoes are a step in the right direction. By expanding beyond the zero drop platform, Altra can meet more runner's needs/reach more consumers. This change allows runners to enjoy the benefits of Altra shoes like the Standard FootShape Fit without the hesitation of a zero-drop.


Many will see this as a direct aim at HOKA, which is known for its low drop profile and rocker geometry. But when shoe brands compete, consumers win. If you're an Altra loyalist, have no fear--the zero-drop isn't going away. You can expect to see the iconic Torin and Lonepeak released under the same Balanced Cushioning platform you know and love. And who knows, these shoes may surprise you! So without further ado, let's get into the Altra Experience!

Best for Neutral Runners: Altra Experience Flow


Light, firm and fast, the Altra Experience Flow is the ideal daily trainer for neutral runners. This shoe is the 2nd version of the groundbreaking Altra FWD Experience, which introduced a 4mm drop. Enjoy smooth transitions as the rocker geometry helps you move quickly through your stride. Stay comfortable during your miles as the compression molded EVA midsole absorbs shock from every step. The Altra Experience Flow paves a new way forward, definining a new category for the brand.


Best for Overpronation: Altra Experience Form


If you want the same benefits as the Experience Flow (Ex: low drop, rocker geometry, EVA midsole), but need support for overpronation, check out the Altra Experience Form. This stability running shoe features Medial GuideRail™ technology to provide inherent stability. This technology supports your feet with medial guidance only when it's needed. Slide into the sleek engineered mesh upper to stay comfortable during your miles and stylish for whatever comes after your workout. Smooth, light and efficient, the Altra Experience Form supports your running goals!





Best for Trail Runners: Altra Experience Wild  



While it feels great to own the open road, some runners prefer to take their adventures off the beaten path. For trail runners and outdoor explorers, the Altra Experience Wild is the perfect match! This off-road running shoe features a MaxTrac™ outsole that provides the perfect combination of grip, traction and durability for uneven surfaces. Keep your feet clean from debris with a GaiterTrap™ detail for easy use with a Trail Gaiter, and strategically placed no-sew overlays for toe protection. When nature calls, answer it in the Altra Experience Wild!




At Holabird Sports, we understand how overwhelming it can be when deciding between various options of running shoes. With over 1,500 styles in our inventory and over four decades in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the perfect pair. Think we missed a model or have any additional questions about a shoe? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!