Which Bag is the Healthiest?
This year's cold and flu season is severe. Not only are loads of people out sick, they're out for weeks. Gyms are one of the top culprits for spreading germs and bacteria, and present a higher risk for infectious diseases and skin infections. Yet, a recent Apera survey, found that 46% of respondents answered that they "never" or "rarely" clean their sports bag. Armed with this data, Apera decided to do created a healthier bag.

Apera Bag Insert
What makes a bag healthy?

First and foremost, groundbreaking antimicrobial protective shields which resist bacteria and odor, both inside and out. Next, add ventilated compartments, wipeable linings and washable inserts. Finally, throw in some smartly designed compartments; including, separate vented shoe compartments and tech storage areas meant to keep your electronics dry.

Apera Performance Duffel Bag

What types of bags does Apera offer?

The PureSport Performance Duffel provides tons of storage for your clothing and gear, including two separate shoe areas. As with all of the healthy Apera bags, the Performance Duffel has ventilated compartments, waterproof base and wipeable linings.

Apera Performance Duffel Pack
The PureSport Duffel Pack is a backpack, with convenient access at the back of the bag. The backpack has antimicrobial protection, two separate shoe and water bottle areas, ventilated compartments, waterproof base and wipeable linings.

Apera Performance Sling Tote

The Apera Sling Tote is great looking, with allows you to easily organize and hold everything you need. The comfortable shoulder sling makes carrying even tons of gear easy. The ventilated compartments, waterproof base and wipeable linings to keep the bag clean and dry.