Which OOFOS Recovery Shoe is Best For You?

When aches and pains from daily training occur, active recovery becomes as important as your workouts. But who has time to prioritize foam rolling and flexibility? We can talk about the benefits of mobility until the cows come home, but most runners are reluctant to stretch after every session.


There's a better way to recover. Founded over seven years ago, OOFOS provides an easy solution for anyone who wants to move and feel better. This revolutionary footwear lets you slip in quickly and reduces the stress on your body. Every pair of OOFOS is designed to absorb impact and decrease pressure from every step, helping you move better and recover faster. Whether you're relaxing after a hard workout or a long day on your feet, OOFOS will support your goals and keep you comfortable!


In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know about OOFOS footwear. Then we'll recommend the perfect pair for your based on your needs.

The Science Behind the Secret Sauce

What makes OOFOS unique is that the footbed, sole and midsole are all composed of one material. This special technology known as OOFoam absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear to reduce stress on your joints and encourage proper alignment. The closed-cell foam is machine washable and minimizes odor, so you can wear them anywhere and clean them if they get dirty.


OOFOS also includes magic in the midsole. Its patented footbed cradles your arch to align the knee, hips and spine, distributing pressure evenly after every step. With soft cushion and great arch support, OOFOS helps active athletes fight fatigue and maximize mobility. If you need relief for sore and tired feet, Feel the "OO" in recovery slides, sandals and shoes!

Best OOFOS Recovery Sandal

OOFOS OOriginal ($59.95)


It's hard to beat the OG. The OOFOS OOriginal flip flops feature shock absorbing technology and a T-style design. Sink into something comfortable when you slip into the patented footbed with pillow-soft OOFoam cushioning for all-day comfort and support.


If you want a sleeker, more athletic look, the Bold, the OOFOS OOriginal Sport Sandals feature hand-printed graphics on the upper strap.


If slides are more your style, try the OOFOS OOahh. These recovery slides offer a versatile, modern twist on the original. If you have wide feet, the Flex features an adjustable strap to help you find the perfect fit.


Want more cushion? OOFOS OOmega includes a MEGA midsole that adds 15mm of shock-absorbing comfort.

Best OOFOS Recovery Shoe



If you want maximum mobility and shock absorption in a closed-toe silhouette, check out the OOFOS OOmg Sport. This recovery shoe is perfect for post-workout recovery and stylish for daily wear. A tapered sidewall pairs with a four-way FibreFlex upper for a soft and stretchy feel. Whether you're relaxing after a workout or running errands, this shoe keep you comfortable with its OOFoam midsole.


Want more security? The OOFOS OOmg Sport LS features an integrated lacing system allows for an adjustable heel and midfoot lock while providing lateral support and forefoot flexibility.


*Sizing note: We recommend buying up a half size in most OOFOS styles.




Best OOFOS Recovery Clog

OOFOS OOcloog ($79.95)


Great for sliding on and off between workouts or after a long shift at work, the OOFOS OOcloog is an ultra-cushioned recovery slip-in with an open heel design. OOFoam cushioning is squishier than EVA foam, with extra padding that relieves stress from your joints to keep your knees, hips and ankles happy. The OOcloog is good for those who work in commercial kitchens or hospitals, such as sous-chefs, line cooks, and nurses.



Best OOFOS Recovery Slipper

OOFOS OOcoozie LOW ($119.95)


Great for lounging indoors or running errands, the OOFOS OOcoozie Low combines cozy warmth and versatile style. Warm vegan sherpa material hugs your foot like a blanket while the arch-cradling footbed accelerates recovery. The Mule style features a lower heel design to help you easily slide in and out of the shoes.


Best OOFOS Recovery Boot

OOFOS OOmg Bootie ($179.95)


Perfect for winter, the OOFOS OOmg Bootie fits your foot like a warm winter jacket. A layer of insulation covers the upper part of your foot and cinches at the ankle. If you want a taller bootie, you can go with the OOFOS OOmg Boot. The down upper rises to just under the knee for maximum coverage during inclement conditions.



At Holabird Sports, we understand how overwhelming it can be when deciding between various options of running shoes. With over 1,500 styles in our inventory and over four decades in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the perfect pair. Think we missed a model or have any additional questions about a shoe? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below!