Which VOLKL Tennis Racquet is the Best Match for You?

Finding the right tennis racquet can be challenging. With so many factors to consider, such as weight, head size, experience level and play style, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with options. Do you want more power, more control, or a little bit of both?


At Holabird Sports, we’ve served our customers for over three decades in their search for the perfect racquet. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the best match, so you’ll fall in love at first serve. Don’t just take our word for it, try them out with our demo program!

In this article, we’re going to break down an underrated brand in the industry, Volkl. We’re going to cover:

  1. Volkl’s story
  2. Volkl’s racquet technology
  3. Which Volkl racquet is best for you

Volkl's Story

Founded in 1923 in Straubing, Germany, Volkl quickly rose to prominence by creating top-of-the-line ski equipment. As the company grew, Volkl diversified and took their tech from the slopes to the courts.

Volkl entered the tennis market in the ‘70s and made a name for themselves with popular racquets that became the preferred equipment for pros like Boris Becker, Jana Novotna and Sergi Bruguera. Volkl built a reputation as one of the most arm-friendly racquets for beginners and intermediate players.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or conquering the court, Volkl makes the gear to support your grind!

Volkl Racquet Technology


Always on the edge of innovation, Volkl’s first racquet, the Zebra, was built solely from fiberglass. It became a popular option for professional tennis players and earned Volkl’s reputation as a go-to brand for ultra-light, player-friendly racquets.


V-Cell is the latest technology at the heart of every Volkl racquet. It incorporates a Celluloid graphite to achieve greater strength and stability, without sacrificing the arm-friendly comfort you’d expect when swinging a Volkl racquet.


Along with its graphite composition, V-Cell racquets provide an industry-leading dampening system in the handle with an improved EVA foam (REVA) built into the handle. In addition, the Volkl VTex butt cap offers increased damping and less torque at contact.

Which Volkl Tennis Racquet is the Best Match for You?


  • Volkl V Cell 1-3 – Best for recreational players who hit the courts occasionally. Ultra-light, extremely powerful and forgiving, these racquets offer excellent damping for players who are still developing consistent technique and aim to play long rallies


  • Volkl V Cell 4-6 or Volkl V1 – Best for frequent players who know the basic strokes and want to play a more varied game to keep their opponents guessing. Powerful and precise, these racquets offer a comfortable feel at contact.


  • Volkl V Cell 7-10 – Best for tournament players who have mastered all strokes and want to dominate the match. These aggressive tournament racquets place a higher focus on precision, giving you maximum control and feel on the court.


In summary, the Volkl V Cell 1 offers the most power, while the V Cell 10 provides the most control. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, go with the Volkl V1.

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