Why Do We Need Protein and How Can We Get it Cleanly?
Protein helps create the body’s structure or the body as we know it. Our muscle, hair, nails, tissues, and enzymes are made of protein. So, it’s safe to say that protein is of vital importance to us, as humans. There’s been some debate over the years about how much protein is too much or too little as part of our daily diet. Figuring this out isn’t easy because each one of us is unique. Yes, we are like rainbows and unicorns, or fingerprints, you guys! In the integrative nutrition world, this is referred to as biochemical individuality and it applies to more than just protein. But we need protein in our lives and I’m here to tell you that not all sources are created equal!For example, if you are concerned with upholding a more health-conscious, vegetarian style diet, there are plenty of snacks that fit that mold. The PowerBar Clean Plant protein bars are an approach to healthy snacking and post-activity fueling that is not animal or dairy-based. These bars are tasty and provide 10 grams of rice and pea protein, sans the soy. You won’t get harmful, artificial ingredients or gluten in these bars, either. What you WILL get is yummy nuts and seeds like pumpkin seeds, which are a good source of magnesium.

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Why does that matter?

Well, it's estimated that about 80% of Americans are deficient in this important nutrient. Magnesium is responsible for major processes within the human body. The heart, you know, that thing that skips a beat whenever bae comes around? Well, magnesium is vital for the making of ATP, which is like gas to a car. It’s the energy that makes things happen, like the beating of your heart! Magnesium also takes part in the creation of DNA, bone, and teeth, all things that I think we can agree are pretty darn important. Pumpkin seeds are a good source of the famed amino acid Tryptophan, often associated with Turkey Day (gobble, gobble), which is converted to serotonin and then melatonin, a.k.a the sleep hormone. So, if you have trouble falling asleep at night, pop a handful of pumpkin seeds or grind them up and sprinkle some onto your favorite yogurt before bedtime for a calming treat. Lastly, pumpkin seeds contain powerful plant components that act as immune-boosting antioxidants. RXBar has their very own snack bar that’s packed with protein. One of the cleanest bars on the market, RX Bars are a staple snack for those following strict diets like Paleo. Paleo is also known as the “caveman diet” and its main focus is obtaining nutrients from foods generally found in nature and that are not part of the more industrialized world as we know it.

What do they eat?

Those following a Paleo diet stick to fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and more naturally sourced meat, fish, and poultry. Dairy is not part of the Paleo diet and some items like wheat and legumes are also prohibited. Grains were not part of man’s diet in his more primitive days. They are often linked with inflammation, brain fog, and some serious conditions like Alzheimer's disease. That’s not to say that ALL grains are bad, but the overly processed ones are full of additives and chemicals to maintain a freshness that is often detrimental to overall health when consumed in abundance and frequently. Protein is a mainstay in the Paleo diet and RxBars are packed with protein from nuts, seeds, and egg whites. Nuts also add a little, healthily-sourced fat to help keep you feeling fuller, longer. That’s why these bars are an excellent choice for those watching their weight who need a clean, mid-morning or midday snack to hold them over ‘til dinner time!  Another important ingredient found in every flavor or RXBar are dates. Dates contain important nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and like proteins, they contain amino acids that provide energy and act as those helpful builders within the body. These nutrients are important for athletes, too, as they promote nourishing the body naturally and providing that extra boost to get you through your long run or training session at the gym. The healthy combination of natural sugar, fiber, fat, and protein found in RX Bars offers a wholesome way to supplement a healthy diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables. So, grab a box and throw your favorite flavor in your gym bag so you’ll be prepared with a healthy snack for your day.

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