Why You Shouldn't Wear Your Wedding Ring to the Gym

Wearing your wedding ring to the gym won't just alert others you're off the market, it could potentially cost you a finger! Recently, in a conversation about a new brand we carry, QALO (they sell silicone rings) our team posed the question "but why tho?" I wear my metal rings to the gym all the time. When I'm strength training, doing yoga, and all of the above gymness. Our social media manager, Derek, said that he takes his off when working out because of the fear of "ring avulsion," and so takes us to a great conversation about "WHY" and "WHAT."

What is ring avulsion?

Without showing you what it looks like and allowing your Google search to take you to where it may, I'll describe it with this red "ouchie" finger photo.

Ring avulsion is an injury caused by a ring getting caught on an object which applies tension force on the finger. Since traditional rings made of precious metals can handle more weight than the human skin can, the ring can easily puncture the skin with as little as 20 pounds of force.

Most recently, when Jimmy Fallon slipped on his rug, fell and caught his ring finger on a table, his weight (probably over 150 pounds) was distributed directly to that ring and ended in ring avulsion. He explains here.

What does this mean for our fingers in our workouts?

Well, if we think of the Fallon story, all he did was slip on a rug in his home and it happened, so imagine what could happen surrounded by all of the metal, weights, machinery, sweaty floors, etc...Your precious metal bands, unlike a silicone ring, will, instead of breaking or slipping off to release your finger, stay on, potentially cutting into the finger itself and stripping it of its flesh and muscle tissue. Amputation is a very likely scenario for those with ring avulsion accidents.It's honestly as terrifying as it sounds, and creates that weird, stuffy throat feeling and minor headache thinking about it. The photos are worse, but we'll spare you."Even outside of immediate injury, just lifting with a metal ring on leads to a big callus on your hand that is pretty uncomfortable," says Dustin, Holabird's videographer.

So what's the alternative? QALO rings?

They're not the only alternative. The other alternative is not wearing your ring, but if you like to keep the symbolism or be reminded of those beautiful things called love and partnership during your workouts, we suggest saving yourself and choosing a silicone ring. We'd like for your ring fingers to stick around!And even if you stumbled upon this article and are not betrothed, the same applies!

QALO rings keep you safe.

These bands are made of premium silicone material, some Q2X™ material and some, their standard silicone, that will withstand the wear of tough workouts, BUT break with force.QALO's standard silicone rings stand up to between 11-17 pounds of pressure, depending on the ring. The Q2X line takes it further, withstanding up to 22 pounds of force before giving away.These rings are less rigid than other silicone rings, giving them the ability to flex and move on your hands like a second skin.
Shop QALO rings to keep your hands safe or shop for someone you care about, and keep their hands protected! Maybe you two can match 😉

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